Family Home Trusts clients can create themselves.

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Do your existing clients have asset protection in place?

Are they sorted? As a Financial Adviser, it’s important you discuss asset protection and estate planning with your clients so you can fully protect their wealth. Perhaps you’ve referred them to a lawyer – but the time and effort has meant the client has put sorting asset protection in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Grow your revenue

TrustUs is a cloud-based service that was developed so you can extend your product offering and provide lifestyle protection and estate planning solutions for your clients who own their own home. Plus, because you’ll get rewarded for it you can grow your revenue.


TrustUs enables your clients to create their own Family Home Trust quickly and easily online. They can also prepare associated documents including Wills, and transfer Term Life Insurance to the Trust. Importantly, TrustUs processes and documents are quality-assured by leading New Zealand Trust experts, giving you and your client peace-of-mind.

TrustUs also offers excellent value-for-money: clients simply subscribe to a monthly membership to keep the Family Home Trust compliant and up-to-date. To get them started with TrustUs you can provide them with a Promo-code that will give them a $50 discount.

TrustUs Features

TrustUs makes it easy for your clients to create Family Home Trusts by ensuring they have the right information to make the right decisions, and by helping them create a simple, clear, executable strategy that protects them and their families now and in the future.

  • Protects the family home

    A Family Home Trust protects a client’s home from creditors and predators.

  • Prepares a Will

    A Will is created that leaves everything to the Trust to protect those left behind from poor financial decisions.

  • Transfer of Term Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance is transferred to the Trust, ensuring that any lump sum that is paid out and held on Trust so it can be used in the best interests of the family over their lifetimes.

  • Secure document storage

    Documents are stored safely and securely, providing back-up copies and enabling easy sharing of the client’s wishes with their Bank Manager, Accountant, Advisors and Beneficiaries.

TrustUs Benefits

As a Financial Advisor, you already complete a Needs Analysis for your clients, but can only deliver around 80% of what they require. Now, with TrustUs, you can provide a complete package by offering Asset Protection – and you’ll get rewarded for it.

  • Your client completes the process

    Your client can complete the process online themselves. It’s simple, and will only take them around 15 minutes. Plus, they can do it at a time that best suits them.

  • Identifies the right service

    TrustUs quickly identifies if the service is right for your client’s needs. If it’s not, it will refer them to the appropriate experts.

  • Reduces risk

    TrustUs uses a ‘no advice’ approach in plain English, with up-to-date precedents, which reduces risk.

  • A no-fuss process

    The process is completed quickly and easily, with no fuss. Everything can be done by the client at home – and documents are ready to be signed and witnessed in minutes.

  • Finance is available

    Consumer finance is available that makes this wealth protection service extremely affordable – over a year, it’s less than the cost of a coffee a day.

What users say...

  • "Unreal, I've just protected our home in literally 15 minutes all done online. Thank you TrustUs for helping families like ours protect our assets for the future. Without costing an arm and a leg."

    Bernadette Sharkey-burns

    TrustUs User

  • "Initially I was a bit unsure about how the process might work, but having had a look through the material I gained the confidence to give it a go, knowing I didn't have to commit until I was happy. Now that I have my trust set up, I have peace of mind of knowing that my family are well looked after if something happened to me. I thoroughly recommend the TrustUs service."

    Tony McCombs

    TrustUs User

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