Digital Vault

Be integral to your client’s ongoing estate plan.

Finally, you can offer your clients a secure online storage service that ensures they have access to all their critical personal documents when they need them most.

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Secure online storage

MyDigitalVault provides your firm with secure online storage in which your clients can keep estate planning and other personal documents – right there when they’re needed by anyone acting as an executor for the successful execution of a client’s estate.

Purpose-designed for estate planning

While there are other cloud-based storage platforms, only MyDigitalVault is purpose-designed for storing estate planning documents. It’s the one place you can store, manage and share Wills, trusts and other important documents. With MyDigitalVault, everything can be found easily, eliminating frustration, ensuring accuracy and saving you time and money.

Digital Vault Features

  • Safe and secure

    The sensitive nature of estate documents requires a higher level of security than typical online storage.

  • Documents are encrypted

    Both when stored on servers and while in transit to the server, keeping them safe from prying eyes.

  • Your client is in control

    They manage their documents, not you. That means they can upload current documents and they can share their documents with individuals of their choosing. (Note: The vault encourages customers to update their information as their circumstances change.)

  • Alert Executor

    Executors or other named persons can be alerted to the existence of the Vault and given access on proof of death.

Digital Vault Benefits

  • Documents secure in one place

    With all relevant client estate planning documents secure in one place, you won’t waste time searching for the documents you need. And you won’t have to rely on your client’s family sifting through filing cabinets and old shoe boxes for lost documents.

  • You don’t need to upload documents

    Because clients can update their own files and share them with others you no longer need to upload and maintain important documents – so you’ll save time.

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