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Arken is a cloud-based service created for law firms and Will writers. With intelligent questionnaires, the most complete Will precedents, legal best practice and real-time document automation, Arken intuitively guides users to produce quality estate planning documents.

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Who is Arken for?

Arken was created specifically for estate planning businesses and advisors to write Wills and associated documents for their clients. This includes Powers of Attorney, Expressions of Wishes and Advance Directives. With Arken you’ll save time and ensure documentation accuracy, and guarantee quality and consistency of advice.

Intelligent questionnaire

Arken's online intelligent interview questionnaire guides you through the minimum number of questions to ensure nothing is missed. It provides you with the right precedents, and automatically drafts the necessary documents in real-time as you work – saving you valuable time.

Comprehensive document pack

A full document pack is produced, which includes a document commentary. This explains, in easy-to-understand language the decisions that were made. It also includes simple signing instructions.

The wide and comprehensive use of Arken in estate planning document creation means it has been tested in almost every conceivable scenario. You can have confidence it leads the way in comprehensive industry functionality and ease-of-use.

Arken Features

The heart of Arken is designed to address the specific needs of different jurisdictions. The system has two components: The Intelligent Questionnaire and the Automatic Drafting System.

  • Intelligent, interactive questionnaire

    The questionnaire only exposes relevant questions to the instruction-taker. As the interviewer asks questions and enters information, the questionnaire automatically adjusts to reflect your client’s circumstances and wishes.

  • Real-time automated drafting

    Automated drafting (as questions are asked) and a dual view function lets you view the document being drafted as you take instructions.

  • Automatic commentary

    An automatic commentary is created at the same time. This is a separate document that provides an easy-to-understand explanation of clauses, guardians’ and executors’ responsibilities, and other key information.

  • Controlled editing

    The controlled editing function lets you modify a document or commentary if needed.

Arken Benefits

Because you’ll be guided through a minimum number of questions, you’ll complete documents quickly and accurately. Now, you can quickly and easily create complex Wills with the most complete precedents on the market that cover 98% of your clients’ needs. This means most documents can be created out-of-the-box, with any changes managed through the controlled edit function.

  • Finish quickly

    Real-time updating means when you finish taking instructions, your document is complete.

  • Be more productive

    When you’re completing multiple documents, client information is stored so it can be re-used.

  • Reduce your risk

    When you’re providing estate services you’ll be using the leading and most up-to-date precedents and the intelligent questionnaire ensures nothing is missed.

  • Full document pack

    All decisions and a commentary are recorded for you to give to your client in a convenient, comprehensive document pack.

To find out more visit the Arken website

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