Kōwhiri was built from a desire to bring a new approach to estate planning; simplifying the way trustee and legal services are made available.

Aging population: what this means to you.

Global populations – especially in the West – are aging. This means the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth is now under way. Unfortunately, many people haven’t been given the right information or opportunity to adequately protect their assets – and ultimately, their legacy. When looked at globally, more than half of all adults don’t have a Will. And for those that do, many of these Wills are out-of-date.

Driving change

To address this very real need we harnessed the latest technology to develop Kōwhiri – with the goal to drive change and improve the way people access the estate planning services they need – either online or by connecting them with the right experts for the right advice.

Kōwhiri was founded by Andrew Barnes of Coulthard Barnes to create innovative solutions to help New Zealanders with Estate Planning. This desire lead to the acquisitions of DPL Professional and Trustus.

Innovation to transform

DPL Professional, the leading supplier of Wills systems globally, worked alongside the Kōwhiri team to launch Arken. Arken is now available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Its success has lead us to create Arken.legal, a company with the sole focus to enhance Arken and become the global platform for the estate planning industry.

Kōwhiri is still the home of TrustUs, the online asset protection service where clients create their own trusts.

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