"I founded Kōwhiri with the vision to simplify the way trustee and legal services are made available."

Andrew Barnes

Kōwhiri founder

Why choose Kōwhiri?

Kōwhiri exists to ensure every adult can get access to the services they need to protect their assets and estate.

Aging population: what this means for you

Global populations – especially in the West – are aging. This means the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth is now under way. Unfortunately, many people haven’t been given the right information or opportunity to adequately protect their assets – and ultimately, their legacy. When looked at globally, more than half of all adults don’t have a Will. And for those that do, many of these Wills are out-of-date.

Kōwhiri: driving change

To address this very real need we harnessed the latest technology to develop Kōwhiri – with the goal to drive change and improve the way people access the estate planning services they need – either online or by connecting them with the right experts for the right advice.

We believe a digital service, backed by the right people, is the future of estate planning. Our digital service provides your customers with essential education, improved accessibility and quality services. This means it’s now far easier and more affordable for people to establish and maintain an up-to-date plan to protect their precious assets and manage their estate.

Transforming service, delivering solutions

Kōwhiri was founded by Andrew Barnes of Coulthard Barnes and was initially established as part of New Zealand’s largest trust company, the Perpetual Guardian Group. Since that time, we’ve been working closely with our key clients to deliver solutions that transform the way they service their customers.

  • 6 countries use Kōwhiri (including Scotland and Wales)

  • 950+ customers (and counting)

  • 550000 wills drafted each year

The global leader in digital estate planning services

As the global leader, and a proudly New Zealand company, our software is trusted by over 900 organisations to deliver important documents to their clients.

Kōwhiri processes more than 550,000 estate planning documents each year – that’s an average of one per minute.

Introducing some of our clients:

  • New Zealand

    • Perpetual Guardian
  • Australia

    • Australian Executor Trustees
    • PT Qld
    • new state trustees
    • PT Tas
    • PT SA
  • South Africa

    • NED Group
    • ABSA
    • BOE PC
    • Momentum
  • UK

    • Russel Jones Walker
    • Irwin Mitchell
    • co-op

Meet our team

  • Andrew Barnes


    Andrew has a track record of driving market-changing innovations. With Kōwhiri he is triggering a revolution of the entire New Zealand fiduciary and legal services industries. Andrew is an advocate for ensuring that every adult has the right and ability to access the services needed protect their assets for future generations. Andrew founded Kōwhiri to create innovative ways to help New Zealanders with Estate Planning, this has lead into acquisitions in DPL Professional and TrustUs.

  • Lincoln Watson

    Managing Director

    Lincoln is focused on driving change in the estate planning industry. We are taking what has traditionally been a very paper based and fragmented experience, and utilizing technology to create a better service experience and increase productivity in the industry. He has lead technology teams within telecoms companies, wealth managers and trustee corporations as well as his own software and consultancy businesses. Sitting still isn’t in Lincoln's nature and his role is to keep improving how we bring our clients and technology together.

  • Amy McCann

    Business Development Manager

    Amy is a NSW qualified solicitor who has spent the past 10 years working in the Australian and UK legal industries and has specialist knowledge of wills and estate planning. Amy's most recent position was heading up the Law Society of England and Wales' investment and innovation team. Amy has spent the past 8 years travelling around Europe in her spare time and would love to share her adventures with you.

  • Dave Macken

    Product & Marketing Manager

    Dave provides the product and marketing direction for Kowhiri. A senior marketer with specialist experience in identifying, commercialising and delivering new and unique propositions. Dave's a nice guy and likes nothing more than hearing from customers so get in touch, he'll happily discuss anything especially if it's guitar related.

  • Mark Alford

    Technical Lead

    Mark provides technical solutions and innovative ideas to problems. A seasoned full stack developer with a passion for both concepting intuitive front-end user experiences and architecting back-end systems. Mark's favorite things at work are the coffee and multitude of food options for lunch.

  • Ruth Davidson

    Project Manager

    Ruth has over 15 years of experience managing IT software and infrastructure projects. She has a strong understanding of the needs of the estate planning industry having managed the development of several websites for Perpetual Guardian in the past 5 years. Ruth is a keen golfer who is never far away, in body and mind, from the golf course.

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